Bianca Pure Oil K C206 T162 CBD Cartridge 5691

Bianca Pure Oil K C206 T162 CBD Cartridge 5691




Bianca Pure Oil K C206 T162 CBD Cartridge 5691 is highly concentrated and is mainly used by people who have experience and want the best of the best. The photo above is a 3.5 grams vial.


Order Code 05691
Size 0.5g
Strain CBD
THC (Bianca Pure Oil )
THCA <0.10mg
Total THC 162.0mg / 32.4%
CBD 182.0mg
CBDA 24.40mg
Total CBD 206.40mg / 41.3%
CBN 1.30mg
CBG 6.65mg
CBGA 2.30mg
CBC 10.60mg
Flower Equivalent 1.47g
Alpha Pinene 0.89%
Beta Pinene 0.26%
Beta Myrcene 1.30%
Limonene 1.01%
Linalool 0.24%
Beta Caryophyllene 1.31%
Humulene 0.31%

Bianca Pure Oil


Tincture is one of the more conservative ways to use marijuana bianca pure oil.  This tincture is an alcohol extract of cannabis hash.  Some users use glycerin for extraction.

Here’s what you will need to make it:

  • 3 ounces of 80 proof alcohol
  • 1 gram of cannabis hash oil
  • 4 one ounce bottles, used for eye drops
  • Glass Jar with air-tight lid

Combine in your glass jar, 3 ounces of drinking alcohol with your ounce of hash oil, or in a 3:1 ratio, according to the strength of your hash oil.  Seal the mixture and put it in the freezer for 6 or more days, shaking a few times per day.  Now store your tincture in your one ounce eye drop bottles.  Before taking, you should first calculate how much thc each dropper, and each drop holds, according to the strength of the hash oil and how much you’ve used.

This method has the most easy method of consumption.  Use the eye dropper to squirt a measured amount of weed tincture under the tongue, hold for half a minute, then swallow it down.  The thc and other cannabinoids will bring health benefits, but the psychoactive ingredients will have less effect because it may not have been activated by heat.  As with any oral consumption, effects come on slow and then goes stronger for longer.  It is important to make sure you know how much cannabinoids you are consuming, and not to re-dose before the effects take hold, which can take as much as one to two hours.


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