How to Pay an Order with Credit Card Using Bitcoin !!!
WHY TO GO THROUGH BITCOIN TO PAY AN ORDER WITH CREDIT CARD ? – The High Privacy offer by Bitcoin – Low Fees compared to other formal payment methods – You pay your order instantly without moving from your chair – No risk to get your money returned or being questioned like you may with WesternUnion WHERE AND HOW TO START ? 1- You need to Place an Order and select Bitcoin as Payment Method (Make sure to Confirm your order) *Our Bitcoin Address will be displayed at that moment* 2- You need to Open an Account/Wallet on ( just your email address is required ) then you go on « Deposit » and select « Buy Crypto by Credit Cards ». 3- Pay attention to the amont you need to purchase, it has to be equal to the amont of your order on our Website. If your order is let’s say : $500 you need to purchase for $525 ($500 Bitcoin worth + $25 fees credit cards processor fees). 3- Once the Bitcoin landed in your Wallet (may take up to 20-30min) Transfer them to our Bitcoin Address provided in the payment instructions when you first placed the order. REMENBER: Once you transfered the Bitcoins to our Address, make sure to submit the payment informations in your Account via the (SUBMIT PAYMENT INFORMATIONS) button. If you are not doing that last step, we will never know that you paid your order !!!

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